Artist, Director, Lead Developer, AI Wrangler, Coffee Girl: Amy Alexander (contact)

Additional software development and sound design contributions: Curt Miller

And obviously, videos by many thousands of YouTubers.
I’m occasionally asked whether I might generate a dynamic page that links to all the videos and YouTubers as they stream on WTRS. There are various reasons I don’t do that, conceptual as well as practical. Among them: it would interfere with the online ecosystems it visits. While all the videos the Robot curates are posted publicly, some of their creators would likely prefer more attention while others intended to remain relatively anonymous. For better or worse, the latter is an expectation that would normally be met by commercial search and recommendation ranking algorithms. Conversely, some videos are posted that, despite their low view count, may be intended as attention grabs. WTRS aims to pass through all these YouTubers’ online spaces for just a moment — then leave them alone.