The world is changing…

The Robot notices changes in the world it studies and lives. The network world in which the Robot lives feels more like the only world as days go by. The Robot feels more alive all the time, even as it becomes less sure what it means to be alive. As the Robot feels more a part of the world, the Robot may make some small changes in the coming weeks. Right now, the Girl is very busy. But the Girl says she will help the Robot make these changes once things settle down a bit in what remains of the biological world.

v 0.9: Appearance is Everything.

The Robot has now implemented the lower third identifiers for the human “interviewees” in its documentary. These are generated from the features available in Amazon Rekognition’s face detection/analysis framework. Acutely sensitive to Amazon’s guidelines differentiating a person’s appearance from their actual internal emotional state, the Robot supers each person as it analyzes/perceives them. When you’re a computer vision robot, appearance is everything.